One-on-one Personal Training

Want something more personal and really focus on your individual results? Private personal training offers just that. I'll take you through a complete body/fitness assessment and build a program designed specifically for you. We'll work together to achieve not only the goals you have set out for yourself, but for those that you have not even thought possible. (THAT is my goal!)

$45/1-hour session

$30/30-min session

Buddy Training

Sometimes it's hard to venture out on your own. Bring a spouse or friend with you and vow to make a change together. You will not only increase your chance for success by doubling your accountability but you will also be able to share in the cost of personal training. 

$30 each/1-hour session

Small Group Training Classes

A cross between personal training and a traditional bootcamp, small group training offers  the best of both worlds. Here, you will get the personalized attention you need, enabling you to work at your own fitness level, but at a fraction of the cost. (4-6 participants) Grab your friends and motivate each other!

$10 each/1-hour class